Monday, December 21, 2009

A holiday reunion.

It started not too long ago, when we were cleaning up Ice Weasels. I spotted an Eggbeater cage sitting on the registration table. It was well after dark, and everyone had gone home. "Gee, that would look good in my pile of Eggbeater parts" I thought. Yoink, into my pocket it went.

Fast-forward a day or two later when, like any obsessive promoter, I was googling "ice weasels" and reading every single comment on the internet. I came across this race report, and this photo:

If you mix that, with this race report and this photo:

Actually, I'm just going to let the internet write the rest of this for me. Read the late edit and comments here.

Then read this, sprinkle in a dash of this:

That should paint a pretty complete picture for you.

Well. not really. I'm leaving something out.

I couldn't help myself. As I was sitting there looking at the pedal cage, and the rebuild kit, I just couldn't control my urges.

Sorry David, the bad news is you're only getting half a rebuild kit. The good news is your left pedal is going to operate so smoothly you're going to pick up at least 10 watts.

Ice Weasels, the race that just keeps on giving. We'll file this one under "not always a douche."

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