Wednesday, March 17, 2010

USA Cycling Support Ticket #212862 Closed: License Category Change Request

Dear Kevin Sweeney,

The following request to change your INTL/NORBA category has been denied by USA Cycling:
huge_pop - 2010-03-04 11:34
Member: Kevin Sweeney
License: INTL XC
Request to change category from Cat 1 to Pro

Member Explanation/Resume:
At the beginning of the 2009 season, I started out racing Cat1 and in my first 5 races, I never finished worse than 4th, with 3 podiums, and one win. After that I started racing in the Open/Pro category, and usually finished around mid-pack. Highlight of my season was finishing in 6th place (out of 20) at the Massachusetts State Championships Open/Pro race. Also impressive was my 13th place (out of 28) in the Mt. Snow Open/Pro race.

I feel my results from 2009 (below) prove that I can compete in the Pro class, and would like to compete in this class exclusively in 2010.

Thank you for your time,


04/11/2009 Root 66 #1 Hop Brook Dam Cat1 3 of 21
04/26/2009 Root 66 #2 Fat Tire Classic Cat1 4 of 25
05/09/2009 UMASS Orchard Assault Cat1 4 of 19
05/17/2009 Root 66 #3 Winsted Woods Cat1 1 of 11 (flat)
05/24/2009 Root 66 #4 Coyote Hill Classic Cat1 2 of 14
05/31/2009 EFTA NECS #2 Bear Brook Blast Off Cat1 DNF
06/28/2009 Root 66 #5 Putney/West Hill Open/Pro 23 of 35
07/12/2009 Root 66 #7 PATS PEAK Open/Pro 18 of 23
07/19/2009 EFTA NECS #4 Harding Hill Cat1 1 of 8
07/26/2009 Root 66 #8 Mount Snow Open/Pro 13 of 28
08/02/2009 Root 66 #9 Hodges Dam Open/Pro 6 of 20
08/09/2009 24 Hours of Great Glen Expert 4man team 1 of 8
08/12/2009 Darkhorse 40 Cat1 2 of 27
08/29/2009 Root 66 #11 Norcross Scurry Open/Pro 9 of 9
09/13/2009 Root 66 #12 Landmine Classic Cat1 8 of 19

Request was denied on 2010-03-10 15:14 by Marc Gullickson

USA Cycling Response from Marc Gullickson:

I look at Cat.1 results for ALL categories and with that I am looking for top 5 results. For the Pro Open races I do not see the results nessesary to go pro as it's tough to tell which riders are pro and which are cat.1. Please resubmint for a pro upgrade when you have some top 5 results out of all cat.1 times or top 5 results in the Pro Open category.


  1. this is why age grouping in mountain bikes is annoying. but interesting -- so this guy is now willing to consider root66/efta results for a pro upgrade?

  2. This 'guy' would kick your ass on any bike. One of the best cyclist from the NY area. Maybe he knows of what he speaks.

  3. uh? I don't get his logic
    "Please resubmint for a pro upgrade when you have some top 5 results out of all cat.1 times or top 5 results in the Pro Open category."

    You clearly have 7 Top 5 CAT 1 Results from 2009
    Am I missing something?