Monday, April 5, 2010

Ketchup 2010 - Rosey's Rhonde

The 2010 race is just about upon us. I gotta bang out a bunch of posts so I have a clean slate when the season starts for real this coming weekend. First up: The best of the best, Rosey's Rhonde.

Sevens stacked on Sevens. (photo: chip/hup)

Why it ruined my 2010 season. You see that scene above? Well, I don't want to go on any rides that aren't a competition against other teams, I don't want to go to any races that don't start and end at the bar, and I don't want to go to any bars that don't have countless high end cross bikes spread out around the front door.

What it was: 65 mile on-road/off-road hammer fest. Course consisted of a single sheet of directions, which were lost almost immediately. Teams headed out one at a time, slowest first, as a way of handicapping the field. First one back to the bar wins.

that's us in the yellow, yes, we took a wrong turn at every possible opportunity.

Why it was awesome: The motivation of a race, the camaraderie of teammates, beautiful weather, and the relaxed vibe of an early spring training ride with your homies. Oh, and Dave's moustache was there. I also set a personal record for shammy time, 12.5 hours.

Who won? Every one sitting still at the bar at 8pm, with dead legs, and a belly full of cupcakes and free beer ...and Bikes Not Bombs.

In summary: It was around 8:30pm. After a delicious veggie burger, 65 miles, a pile of fries, 5 cupcakes, and about a dozen beers, I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. We decided to call it a day. We all shuffled outside, found our respective rides and said our goodbyes. I gave Rosey one last hand shake and thanked him for one of the best day's I've spent on a bike. I threw my leg over my custom Ridley, and watched as Rosey threw his leg over his ride, then headed off into the clouds.



  1. Where are Rosey's legs? That image is totally UNREALISTIC!

  2. thom, my unicorn is SPD compatible, right behind his wings. yours isn't?

    awesome recap kevin. i had a ton of fun putting the ride together. i'm already looking forward to next year's version.