Friday, April 30, 2010

USA Cycling Support Ticket #215305 Closed: License Category Change Request

Dear Kevin Sweeney,

The following request to change your INTL/NORBA category has been approved and processed by USA Cycling:
huge_pop - 2010-03-11 9:37
Member: Kevin Sweeney
License: INTL XC
Request to change category from Cat 1 to Pro

Member Explanation/Resume:

Mark, Sorry to keep bothering you, but below are the results you requested when you rejected my last upgrade request:

I raced Cat1 at the Darkhorse40 and Finished 3rd out of 64 total cat1s. Pro and Cat1 distance was the same and my time would have put me in 3rd place in the pro race. Results are here:

I raced Cat1 at The Horror at Harding Hill. I finished 2nd out of 43 cat1s. Pro and Cat1 distances were not the same. Results are here:

My best race of the year was 6th place in the Pro race at State Championships, Pro and Cat1 distances were the same and my time would have put me in 2nd place out of 48 Cat1s. Results are here:

Request was approved on 2010-03-11 14:45 by Marc Gullickson

USA Cycling Response from Marc Gullickson:

I'll upgrade you but really your results are not in the right events for consideration. If you want to go pro why wouldn't you want to race in the big races like the Mt. Snow National and Windham last year???? Especially since those are the pro QUALIFICATION races???


  1. I'm not sure whether I agree or disagree with Gullickson's point about which races to use to "qualify." Of course your time would be well outside the top 10 at a race like Mt. Snow or Windham so how could you ever expect to qualify for a pro upgrade there? But, Darkhorse had a whopping 6 pros compared to 40+ cat 1. Does a top 3 out of 6 really mean as much as a top 25 out of 60+ at Mt. Snow or Windham?

    I think he should have just said, "I'll give you the pro upgrade if you promise to stop badgering us and stop writing about the obvious flaws in our system."

  2. My response to Gully would have been "cuz Mt. Snow and Windham suck." But then he would have been like "then why the fuck do you want to be a pro anyway if you're not gonna do those lame races ya idiot?"

    So glad I got my useless pro license due to default.

    And congratulations.


  3. Very nice, Kevin.

    The reason I didn't go to Windham? $50 to race at 8am on a Saturday. In the middle of fuck-off no-where.

    I'm not psyched on "qualification" races. It's not like your not racing against the same Cat 1's in Root66/EFTA anyways.. don't get me started.