Friday, September 25, 2009

Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend prerace report.

Few notes (excuses) leading into the first weekend of Cross racing.

Since this is cyclocross in New England, the race actually started about a month ago, when registration opened up. I missed the boat on this one. I was on BikeReg to register for the Norcross Scurry (I believe) when I noticed Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend listed. I promptly shat my pants. My cyclocross season was over, and it hadn't even started. Literally.

OK so I'm being a bit melodramatic. It's been said that clicking refresh on BikeReg, waiting to be one of the first to register for Verge races (B men at least) is worth three weeks of intervals. Well, I missed the boat to registration, good news I had more than three weeks before the race started, so I started with the intervals.

Who knows how many days registration was open before I found it. I know I'm somewhere in the 50s, so after last years sandbaggers are called up, I should be starting about 6 rows back. Good thing that's the only starting position I've ever known. Don't want to try new things on race day, specially new things like a decent starting position.

Half-broken half-borrowed bike, sore knee, getting over a cold, my trainer broke, first cyclocross race of the season, and it's too far away. wah.

There, I think I covered everything. Time to go pack the car.

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