Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green Mountain Cyclocross, day two prerace report

I hate not finishing races. I Hate it, it pisses me off, completely. Thankfully, with the Saturday/Sunday format of cross racing I only had to wait 24 hours for redemption. I had work to do though since my bike got the worst of the trampling I received. The cable housing leading to my derailleur blew up, and the barrel adjuster snapped off. Then there were the wheels.

While my competition was still enjoying the misery of cross racing, I made my way to neutral support. I got hooked up with a new cable, housing, and a barrel adjuster. Ripping. After that I went to my car and took the slicks off my training wheels, and mounted up a pair of Mud2s. I gave Colin back his (stupid) wheels, and was good to go. Well, except I was still really pissed.

Enter The Shed Brewery and Restaurant. Pretty much the best eating and drinking establishment in Vermont. I love this place and find and excuse to go there each time I pass through Vermont. Some of you might think that going out to a bar is bad race prep, and you would probably be right, but ... shut up. My anger subsided. I slept good Saturday night.

My goal for the weekend was to earn a decent call-up for Gloucester. To further motivate myself, I intentionally missed registering for Gloucester, I figured that would light an ample size fire under my ass, providing the necessary motivation to train and race hard. This plan was aborted when I checked the confirmed riders list an hour after registration opened, and found it was already dangerously close to the limit. So I registered, but I was in the triple digits, so was looking at about a 15th row start if I didn't take care of business in Vermont.

Well, business did not get taken care of on day one. I would be in serious trouble if I didn't finish in the top 25 on day two.

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