Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not a race report!

Holy crap, can you believe it? I'm posting and it's not a race report. It's been months since that's happened. Yeah, I was racing too much, my last month of suck is proof.
I also started a new job, working 40 hours a week has made time tight. Not sure if anyone has noticed, but most of my posts aren't the type that you can belt out in 10 minutes. Most of them take me two or three hours, which says more about me than it does the posts, but I digress. I just recently figured out how to fit a decent training schedule around a 40 (read:50) hour job, but I still haven't figured out how to fit any internet into my schedule.

Write blogs? I don't even read blogs anymore.

Yeah, 132. That number used to never make it into double digits. I've got 80 emails I need to get too as well since I've only been reading ones directly related to cyclocross. It's September, priorities my man, priorities.

So what does this all mean for you? Well, I'm proud to announce the new squirt gun show, increased quantity, decreased quality; the recipie for blog success!

(7 minutes to type this bitch out, new record.)
(what? spellchek doesn't recognize "cyclocross?" scarecrows? that's your suggestion?)


  1. cross season means you can switch your training hours to internet hours. at least that's what i do.

  2. You'll have the new job dialed soon enough. Then you can spend half your day updating your blog like certain towering ginger blokes do.