Friday, October 2, 2009

Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend, day two race report

In my Vermont day one report, I bitched about my starting position. Day two I had the same shitty starting position, except 25 people were called up in front of me, instead of 10. That was OK though, it was my fault I wasn't one of those 25 people getting called up, I accepted the consequences of my DNF. Time for redemption.


On day one my coach told me I had to go super hard at the start. There really was no hole shot, so the key was to keep going hard after everyone else eases off their initial surge. Day two, there was even less of a hole shot, just a super wide, super long, straight away that lead into a super wide, super long (for a cross course) climb. Coach told me he wanted me in 20th place at the start, I had to go hard and make passes, but not as many passes as day one. I then fired my coach. I will pass everyone, don't try to stop me. Smart, conservative racing is for elites, not Cat3s.


Turns out I was around 20th at the start. Coincidence I assure you. I passed about 30 dudes on the straight away, then went backwards once the course turned uphill. This was a pattern that would repeat all race long. I would suck wheels until any sort of turn or downhill came up, then I would make passes. I would make up tons of ground all around the course, then let everyone back in front of me on that one climb.


Did I mention it was raining, and wet, and cold? Perfect environment for me to cultivate an excellent result. Add the fact that I love watching roadies go down was icing on the cake, cuz the roadies were going down left and right. Beautiful.


Besides that climb killing me, and roadies hitting the turf constantly, I don't remember much besides the fact that I was drooling on myself most of the time. When you start towards the back of the field, and constantly go back and forth all race long, it's hard to figure out where you are. I knew I was in the top 25, so it was mission successful as far as I was concerned. Turns out I finished in 6th place, waaay better than I expected. I've never earned a single Verge point, now I'm sitting on 30 of 'em. Ebay auction, here I come.

Gloucester. Second row call-up. It's on.

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  1. nice man. I'm thinking of throwning my hat in the ring this year (after about 6 years wihout a cx race)