Thursday, October 8, 2009

The most important weekend in the history of the galaxy, Day one race report

(lack of) Photos

One of the many problems with racing in the rain is that people keep their cameras in their dry cars or pockets. This means the awesome photos of you covered in mud, with the rain pouring off your elbows and chin never get taken. That kind of bums me out.

Combine this with the fact that no one likes blogs without pictures, and we have what brainiacks call a conundrum. I have scoured the web for photos, but haven't come up with much. The rain stopped in time for the elite races, so there are plenty of those photos floating around, but us lowly 3s get nothing. Well, except for this one, single picture. (Thanks lodri)

Magellan was wrong, the earth is flat, and that is the edge just behind me.


There isn't much time for processing thoughts in a cross race. If you find yourself formulating cohesive thoughts that don't involve race strategy, you're not pedaling hard enough. Besides my vivid thoughts of what happened before the race, there are only a few things that I really remember.

1) Wow, mud sucks power. As much as I bitch about power courses, I'm starting to think I might be a power rider. Line choice was not very important, the mud stretched from tape to tape. What was important was that you stayed seated and kept the pedals turning over. I remember surprising myself a few times with how I powered through the sketchiest parts of the course.

2) "YOU'RE 20 SECONDS DOWN TO BRIAN!!!" I think that was Colin yelling. I was worrying about barriers, which had to be above regulation height by the time the Cat3s got to them. It's also entirely possible that I'm getting shorter (photo evidence of shrinkage.) 20 seconds, wow, either he is having a bad day or I am having a good day. What I really wanted to know was how many people were between me and Wilichoski. Turns out there were none.

3) "GO KEVIN!" Wait. Someone knows my name? WTF? Turns out I have a fan. Thanks Alex, you rule. Not only are you the president of the fan club, you are a member. The only member.

So there you have it. I got second, and would love to prove it with a photo, but cannot. Sorry dudes.


  1. Obligatory, non-witty, you're a sandbagger and you should upgrade comment goes here.

    GO K-ROCK!

  2. hey kevin, on the bright side, upgrading to pro in 'cross is a lot easier than mtb. it only took you 3 races to earn it:

    haha, you have to buy a UCI license!

  3. There are only two people in the race that matter, Brian Wilichoski and someone who might beat him. Thus I gave you a split containing all the information you could ever need.